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Nitrous Online was quoted in The Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine, and the Denver Post
The newest application developed by Nitrous Online, a division of Bothwell Innovations, LLC.
New Affiliate Program

Bothwell Innovations releases information on the SpyBuster™ affiliate program.

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About Bothwell Innovations, LLC.
Bothwell Innovations, LLC. was founded by Adam Bothwell in the summer of 2003. Bothwell Innovations first began back in late 1999 under the name Nitrous Online to specialize in software development.  Since then, our goal for Bothwell Innovations is to provide quality software (developed by our programmers from Nitrous Online) and promote our software (and others) through unique marketing areas.

Nitrous Online
Nitrous Online was the first company started by Adam Bothwell. As the company began to grow, Bothwell Innovations, LLC. was founded and Nitrous Online was set to a division, allowing proper company growth and organization. Below are our current products:

SpyBuster Software
Nitrous Anti Spy

Bothwell Innovations Partners
Listed below are websites partnered with Bothwell Innovations, allowing us to have a broad range of marketing potential.

SpyBuster Software
Nitrous Online
Nitrous Anti Spy
Computer Monitoring Software
Detect Spyware

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Bothwell Innovations, LLC.
8190 Beechmont Avenue, #325
Cincinnati, OH. 45255-6117

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